Tess. 16.

Interests include Doctor Who (specifically Nine, Clara, and everything in between. prepare yourself for spams and pointless commentary


Firefly. Night Vale. Harry Potter. Pixar. Supernatural. Dr. Horrible. Hitchhiker's. Sherlock. Avengers. Hannibal. Les Miserables.

But mostly Doctor Who.


Rose & Captain Jack Harkness

Bad Wolf Meme: (2/3) Ships (Romantic or Friends?) 


Montparnasse watched him with amazement, as he disappeared in the dusk. This contemplation was fatal to him.

I really enjoy the way he looks at her part 6


when u watch ur favorite character getting heartbroken and u can feel ur own heart part like moses parted the sea

+dalekkkkkkkkkkkk;  +parting of the wayssssss;  +93% of scream of the shalkaaaaaa;  +ALL OF AOS GODDAMMIT;  


here u see a fuckin nerd takin selfies between classes

+v adorable nerd tho;  

hey if I actually tell you my gender identity/pronouns don’t be an asshole and use the wrong ones. Well, actually that’s okay but don’t flipping brush it off as a joke when I’m obviously not happy w that.
I’ve trusted two people w this please not a joke k thanks.

+ignore;  +ah the joys of knowing one queer person irl;  +who doesnt know basic ettiquette;  +same person who brushed aside my pronouns and joked that she was just going to call me it instead;  +no i get misgendered every day and i cant do a damn thing about it please stop joking;  


Billie Piper
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Billie Piper

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Enjolras I'm curious cause planning a revolution all by yourself seems a bit much do you have a few lieutenants you would like to tell us about?


Well of course I do. There’s absolutely no way I could do this by myself.